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Welcome to the faq section. Ones first port of call for questions about Costco should always be on Costco Australia's official website where they have a pretty extensive faq section. However there are more than a few little side rules aren't addressed on their website so we'll do our best to cover them here. After nearly 10 years of running this group these are the most frequently asked questions we get. We will be adding more to this section as we go. If you think of a question that needs to be answered on this page send your suggestions to

Trading Hours / Holiday Trading Hours:

We all love google but google is updated by the general public who sometimes get things wrong so the number 1 place to find out Costco's regular and holiday trading hours is directly from their official website. Here is the direct link to the locations page on their website .. .. once there use the drop down menus at the top of that page to select your state and then your city and thats it. This information is the most reliable and is always correct so always use this link we've provided. 


The coupons are not actually coupons in the sense that you don't actually need to provide them at the check out in order to get the discount. The coupons are really just a flyer that tells us whats on sale at the moment. As a Costco member there are two ways to get these coupons. 1. Email .. if you are a Costco member and not receiving the coupons by email then contact your local Costco's admin office and they will make sure that happens for you. 2. The official Costco website. Usually within a day or two of the coupons being emailed out they will also appear on the official Costco website at the following link .. .. there are no set dates or times as to when coupons come out so keep checking your email or the official Costco website for the most current coupons. 

Foodcourt Access: 

We get asked a lot if the food court is free to the public. The answer is "no its not" Some Australian locations weren't enforcing this rule over the last couple of years but now due to overcrowding in the foodcourt they have started to clamp down on this rule and are now asking for proof of membership when someone tries to enter through the exit. I realise there are some over seas locations where foodcourts are located outside. Never the less this is a rule world wide that the food court is a member privilege. 

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