Despise not the day of small beginnings

April 11, 2017

Back in 2009 Australia got its very first and long awaited Costco warehouse at Melbourne Docklands. Around that same time, I knew that Costco had plans to expand all over the country so I thought I'd start a little Facebook group called "SEQ Costco Geeks" For a few years myself and about 80 or 90 other excited people talked about Costco and how awesome it would be to have a warehouse here in Brisbane. Not only would we be able to buy two dollar hot dogs and drink combos when ever we wanted but more importantly Costco would bring much needed competition to a market which had long been controlled by two large players. Then in 2014 one of our eagle eyed group members discovered that Costco had purchased land in North Lakes. It was from that point on that we followed its progress very closely. After a few delays, Costco North Lakes opened its doors for the first time on May 29th 2014. It was in the months before that opening that our tiny little Facebook group started growing very rapidly. We had a loyal but small group of a few hundred members back then. Fast forward to 2017 and the group is now close to reaching 30,000 members and our national Facebook page "Costco Australia Geeks" has over 7,500 followers. So why a website on top of the Facebook presence? Well, Facebook can be fairly restrictive with certain things so having our own website opens us up to bigger and better things. So while the site is now up and running there are a few more aspects we want to add to the site in the coming months. As a new stay at home dad, my schedule is often dictated by a very cute little girl but rest assured we will be pushing as much new content to this site as we can and doing all the things we couldn't do on social media. On Facebook, Costco Geeks is made up of our original core group "SEQ Costco Geeks" and our national facebook page "Costco Australia Geeks" However, in response to feedback regarding our national facebook page we have also launched a national facebook group located here >> 

Whats next for Costco in Australia? 

So here we are already four months into 2017 and Costco still has big plans for opening more stores but progress is frustratingly slow. One thing we have to understand is that opening a new Costco warehouse in Australia is no easy task. Between getting council approval and then having to fight competitors' "objections" for each new Costco, getting one warehouse up and running can take two years or more. So we're lucky to be where we are at now with eight warehouses up and running and the 9th and 10th stores in Marsden Park ( Sydney ) due to open mid 2017 and Epping Victoria in early 2018. The latest rumours are that we are due to hear about two new warehouse locations in the next few months. Rest assured we will be tracking this news as it becomes available, so sign up to our email list and check back here. 

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