So whats your Costco crack?

April 14, 2017


Ok so everyone has one or more items at Costco they just cant live without. I have a few .. ok I have more than I will admit to. But this orange bag of peanut buttery chocolate goodness right here is in my top 5 Costco crack items. 56 ounces of mini little bite sized Reeses peanut butter cups! Thats over 1.5 kilos in one bag! The danger with these are that they come in mini portions leading you into a false sense of security that you'll only eat 3 or 4 and then put the bag away. Next minute, you have little Reeses peanut butter cup wrappers all over your coffee table, you're suddenly unable to move from the couch and your wife is mad at you because you drank all the milk. This is why I seriously only buy a bag once every couple of months. 

Ok, so I've told you what my Costco crack is now you can share your Costco crack stories on our social media channels. Be sure to include the hashtags #costcocrack and #costcoaustralia 






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