Costco hack for June 2017 - Eat before you shop!

June 2, 2017


Every month from this point on I'll be posting a new Costco hack. Whats a Costco hack? well, its a tip that makes shopping at Costco easier. Since progress for new Costco warehouses is slow we are kind of stuck shopping in over crowded Costco warehouses. Here in Brisbane we know this all to well. One of my top Costco hacks is to not go on weekends because its just crazy busy. But thats not an option for everyone so this months hack is all about making the trip a little easier. I should also mention that I break my no weekends rule at least twice a month ;) 

One of the biggest issues is over crowding in the food court. My solution to this is simple. Go eat in the food court before you do your shopping. This way when you are all finished your shopping you don't need to worry about where to put your trolley while you wait in line for food. Eating in the food court before you shop also helps reduce the risk of naughty impulse buys. You are also more likely to take your time while shopping on a full stomach which means you'll spot more bargains! Anyways, thats my Costco hack for this month. Got a Costco hack of your own you want to see mentioned on the site post it to one of our social media channels .. Use the hashtag #CostcoHack in your posts .. the links to our social media sites are in the top right hand corner. 



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