Product Review - Honest Earth Instant Potatoes

June 20, 2017

Some of you have already written this post off just from reading the title and I get it. Instant Potatoes? Pete has lost his mind. Nothing compares to proper home made mashed potatoes and I agree! I really do. I was just as skeptical as anyone else until a friend of mine was so adamant on me trying them that he brought me a packet over to try. The first thing I did was check the ingredients as I was expecting nasty chemicals but there are none. So I gave it a go and I am now a convert. I will say straight away that these are not as good as home made mashed potatoes. But they are still pretty decent and they are way better than the instant potatoes I remember eating as a kid. The big difference between these and real mashed potatoes is that these take less than 5 minutes to make. And if your a time poor parent like me then you'll understand the benefit of being able to make decent mashed potatoes in less that 5 minutes. 

 The ingredients are as listed on the packet. Potatoes ( with peel ) 94%, Butter, Milk 3%, may contain traces of wheat ( gluten ) Soybean and Sulphites. The stove top instructions say to bring to a boil 2 and quarter cups of water with 4 table spoons of butter. Once boiling remove from heat and add 1 cup of cold milk ( make sure you add the milk before the mash mix ) Begin to stir liquids while adding mix then let stand for ten seconds and its ready to serve. Some people prefer to use all milk and no water .. I tried this and didn't like it. I still make my home made mashed potatoes from time to time but I'll admit these instant potatoes have made me a bit lazy and I find myself using them a lot. Price is $15.99 for a box of 14 pouches .. each pouch serves up to 8 people. 


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