The Bundamba File - Tracking the next SEQ Costco location.

August 6, 2017

Update: [ Aug 7th, 2017 ]  Queensland Times is reporting the "exact location" of the next SEQ Costco on block of land just behind the Bundamba Puma service station in the citiswitch industrial park.  The Queensland Times seem to be pretty sure about this but we'll just wait for the development application to hit. Here is a photo from google maps of the land specified in the article.



Update: So today I spoke to a high up inside source who confirmed that Costco are weeks away from lodging a development application for a site in Bundamba. They also confirmed that its not the old masters site as Queensland times already reported last night. I trust this source so Im now confident this is happening.. so now the long process begins. Costco are just finalising construction plans as we speak. Once the construction plans are finalised we will then have a detailed DA to look at. 

Update: Another article just released from Queensland Times confirms that the old masters site is not the site Costco is looking at but it is looking at a site in bundamba .. to quote the article: "The QT understands a deal was signed for the opening of a second Queensland store about three weeks ago.Now a Costco staffer has confirmed to the QT the retail giant is finalising initial construction plans and will lodge a development application within the next month.The store will be at Bundamba.The QT had understood that application would be lodged over the old Masters site, based on information from various sources.However, that has since been debunked.​" So there you have it! Its still in Bundamba but its not the old masters site which is more in line with how Costco opens new stores. Ok thats enough updates for one day!

Update: While the source article claims that Costco is looking at the old masters site in bundamba other sources seem to be saying that its actually across the freeway from the masters site. Either way we will wait for the DA and then we will know for sure where in Bundamba they are looking at opening. 


Ok so if your a member of our Queensland facebook group you already know that the courier mail and the Queensland times are reporting that "a deal has finally been signed off at Costco's head office." However, we all know that Costco head office is extremely tight lipped about new location announcements. So, after 3 years of fluff news articles with no substance and lots of rumour this is the first article to have any kind of substance in a long while. I am waiting to hear back from Costco's head office for a comment or a no comment so I'll let you know what they say as soon as I hear word. 

If this turns out to be true this is a great site for a second SEQ Costco location. Its very central and will service a huge area including Toowoomba and surrounding areas. Costco doesn't normally take over old buildings as they prefer to build their own warehouses but its been a tough road trying to get a suitable second site for Brisbane so beggars can't be choosers I guess. 

Anyway, I don't wanna go into this to much more because I'd like to get some kind of confirmation from Costco or at least see a DA uploaded to the Ipswich counsel website .. that hasn't happened yet but they are reporting that they will lodge a DA ( development application ) in the coming weeks. 

So stay tuned people .. we will report more the second we know something. 


Update : The expected response I got from Costco was "we don't have anything confirmed at this point" however this doesn't mean its not happening. Costco wouldn't give confirmation on North Lakes even after we published the DA on our QLD facebook group. So lets hope that DA goes up in the next couple of weeks. At least then we'll know its legit and we can track its progress. 




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