Costco officially announces Bundamba QLD warehouse.

September 5, 2017

This morning Costco Australia's CEO Patrick Noone was on hand to officially announce that Bundamba in Ipswich Queensland will be the next new store for QLD. I had a chance to have a good chat to Mr. Noone before the rest of the press arrived and he said they were very pleased with the response they have been getting for this latest new warehouse location. Bundamba is a perfect location for Costco as it will serve all the western suburbs and will be a lot closer for those near Toowoomba and other regional areas. They announced that the expected opening date for Bundamba is around October of next year. However, that date could be pushed out to early 2019 depending on how the planning process goes. If you didn't know already Costco cops a lot of unfair objection letters from its competitors every time it tries to open a new warehouse. Competitors don't like it when Costco opens a warehouse near them because it forces them to be more competitive. Its commonly known as the Costco effect. If you live near a Costco you will always pay less for petrol because those stations have to compete with Costco's incredibly good petrol prices. I was on hand at the press release and broadcasted it live to facebook via our >> QLD Costco Geeks facebook group. << you can watch the replay of the press announcement by joining our QLD group. 

I know morale is low on the South side of Brisbane right now because you guys really need a Costco as well. Turns out all hope is not lost .. during Mr. Noones speech to the press he did also mention that they were again in talks with Logan city council but that they were still in the early stages and weren't quite ready to make any announcements about a Logan warehouse just yet. From what various senior managers have told me prior to todays press announcement Costco actually hopes to open both Bundamba and Logan around the same time. 

So there you have it Brisbane .. our second store is on its way! I will post another article in the coming days which will let everyone know how you can submit your own letter of support for the Costco Bundamba warehouse. More to Come. 


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