Product Review: Milenas Cottage Cheese & Potato Pierogies

April 10, 2018

So, when one of the members of our QLD Costco Geeks facebook group posted an image of a box of pierogies I got just a bit excited and then before I could even read the comments I remembered how good my mom's pierogies were. So for that reason I went and picked up a box which cost $13.50 for a 1.5 kilo bag. Thankfully these are made here in Australia or they would have been a lot more expensive.

I honestly had low expectations. So I boiled up a batch because thats the method I prefer. You can fry them but I prefer them soft with butter and salt. The result is I was pleasantly surprised at how good these actually were. Of course they weren't as good as my mom's but they were just as good as any store bought brand you can get in Canada. I actually didn't mind the cottage cheese and potato but it would be good to see them do some other flavours. All in all they are pretty decent and pretty good value for money. These are currently in stock at Costco North Lakes and should be available at all other Australian locations so check our local stores freezer section. 


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