Bundamba Ipswich QLD delayed.

October 24, 2018

Well .. we thought we were sailing through pretty well but alas Costco have hit a snag and the opening of Bundamba has been delayed until early next year. As Patrick Noone stated in his email to members this morning the road upgrades have had delays and they simply have to be completed before Costco can open.

It will likely only be an extra month or two of delays but its better for everyone if the road upgrades are sorted out before they open.

I know everyone will be really disappointed and upset but try to remember that delays like this are really common on big builds like this .. North Lakes was delayed for over 8 months because of other issues so if finishing these roads is our only issue we should consider ourselves lucky.

I know this sucks big time but please be patient. Before you know it you'll be in the food court smashing hot dogs and pizza!




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