Product Review: Brookfarm Powergrains GranOHlaah

February 9, 2019

As a self confessed granola addict I was pretty excited to try out Brookfarms granohlaah. This granola has a great mix of fruit and nuts, hemp seeds, super grains and a touch of Belgian chocolate. I have to say this is one of the most uniquely mixed granola's I've ever had. The touch of Belgian chocolate is what really does it for me. Its not overwhelming amount of chocolate .. just enough to give this granola a really unique taste. One thing I discovered almost by accident is that this granola is really good all on its own without milk which means it doubles as a really good trail mix. Since it comes packages in a 1 kilo resealable bag its super easy to chuck it in the car for those longer car trips to keep the kids quiet with a healthy snack. This granola is currently available from all Costco locations for $19.59 for a 1 kilo bag. Brookfarm granohlaah is made right here in Australia in Byron Bay NSW. Check out their website for more information.







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