Our Social Media Rules and Guidelines has a large social media presence with over 40,000 members between our National facebook page, our national facebook group our Ipswich QLD group and the original group that started this crazy costcogeeks thing is our Queensland Group. We reserve the right to refuse or remove membership to any and all of our social media channels without notice or cause. If you have a concern please contact us via email

- The like for like product price comparison rule.

We quite often get people asking how much a product is at Costco which often results in people mentioning that the product in question is cheaper at a competitors store. We don't mind this but we wont allow unfair price comparisons for products. Petrol is the best example to use for this rule. If someone asks how much unleaded fuel is at Costco your more than welcome to post who has it cheaper as long as its the same unleaded fuel. Costco does not require coupons or in store purchases ( other than the yearly membership fee ).

- Why where the comments disabled on my post? Facebook has added a new feature to groups allowing admins to turn off comments for posts. In this group we will be disabling comments for the following reasons .. 1. The question asked has been answered. 2. the post has gone off track but still holds useful information for others to read.

- The walk away rule.

Step away from the keyboard! Use your right to not reply to annoying, offensive or repetitive posts. Adding your 2 cents in the heat of the moment will only add to the drama and possibly get you banned from this group. This group has thousands of members and new members can come in at a rate of 50 per day so if someone asks a question that we've all seen asked a million times already either be patient and helpful to them or exercise your right to not reply. I am tired of people being afraid to ask questions in this group. If I see a new member being bullied or harrased for simply asking a question the offending member will be banned. So in short, be an adult and walk away. If you find a post is offensive or breaking this groups rules simply click on the down arrow icon in the top right corner of the post and report the post to us so we can deal with it.

- No swearing or rude behaviour ( zero tolerance for this you will be banned without warning )

- No advertising whatsoever .. when I say "no advertising whatsoever" I mean NONE. The definition of advertising within this group is the posting of any outside link that is not Costco related. This also includes offering your business' services and asking other members to pm you for info. The only exceptions are news links regarding Costco news, links to products from other stores for the soul purpose of price comparisons and links to produt manufacturer websites for the purpose of answering questions about products. If someone posts a link to a product that Costco does not sell the post will be deleted. This group has a reach to thousands of facebook members who did not sign up to this group to be subject to outside advertising in there news feeds via this group.  Outside links also include links from other facebook groups or pages. If you wish to advertise with us please contact us at 


- This is a Costco fan page .. if you don't like Costco don't bother joining this group.

- Please read the FAQ thread before you post .. questions that are posted that have already been answered may be deleted. Usually we will make an effort to tell you that your question was answered in the FAQ thread but we don't always have the time as all of us here have jobs and lives outside of this group ;)

- Complaints / Product issues involving medical issues of any kind are not allowed in this group. After many threads getting out of control I believe it is best that complaints be taken to Costco .. FYI we are not Costco, we are just a fan group so we can't fix your complaint anyway. There will be a zero tolerance approach to complaints being posted.. they will be deleted immediately. This rule is not intended to stop people from voicing their concerns we simply believe this is not the best place to post them since they cannot be resolved here. If you post a complaint about Costco or a Costco product your post will be removed. If you do it a second time you will be banned. If you are having any kind of reaction to any product you purchased at Costco please call Costco directly. Please remember we are a fan group. In certain circumstances someone may be having an issue with a product purchased at Costco and they may want to ask if anyone else in the group has had similar issues. These posts will be allowed but will be monitored closely as most of these type of posts have gone bad in the past. 
( IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THIS RULE : Genuine product reviews will still be allowed. )

- As of today July 30th, 2014 off topic posts regarding any news that is unconfirmed or hearsay will be deleted especially if that news does not relate to Costco. While we understand that people want to be helpful this group is not the place for announcing things like unconfirmed outbreaks that may create undue panic or fear in a certain area.

- As of today July 30th 2014 if your post gets deleted you must take it up with an admin by emailing . If you start up a new post to have complain about your last post being deleted you will be banned. We reserve the right to delete posts that we feel are going off topic, getting nasty or contain content that we believe to be incorrect or misleading .. plain and simple.

- If anyone sends a private message to another member of this group harassing that person it will result in an immediate and permanent ban from this group. We have zero tolerance for bullying of any kind so be an adult and bite your tongue before you get that urge to give someone a piece of your mind. Using this group to solicit its members via private message is also strictly prohibited. You will be banned without warning this.

- Any posts that discuss the intentional circumvention of Costcos membership rules will be deleted without warning. Please read the membership privileges and conditions on Costco Australia's website .. Here is the direct link.

- Posts regarding invitation only open days will not be permitted in any of our social media streams as the majority of our members are already Costco members. Secondly, these open days are always by invitation only. Posting of these events creates to much chaos and miss information so we simply do not allow these posts.

Should you have further questions or concerns regarding the terms and conditions of your Costco membership please call Costco directly.


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